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Self Portrait. Ink on board, 1985.
© The Estate of Al Hirschfeld.

A Sampling of Hirschfeld Centennial Events

May 15 - August 10, 2003
At Film Museum, Berlin, Germany

The name Al Hirschfeld has virtually been synonymous with Broadway since his first theatrical drawing was published in December 1926. But by then, he was a six-year veteran of movie studio publicity and art departments, having already worked for Goldwyn, Universal, Pathé, Selznick, Fox, First National, and Warner Brothers. “I lived in the movies,” he says of his early years, and it was in films that he discovered his gift of caricature. In this exhibtion, visitors can see Hirschfeld’s nine decades of film art, covering the transition from silent to sound; from black and white to color; from the studio system to the world of independents. First organized for the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, "Hirschfeld’s Hollywood" traces the development of the artist as Hirschfeld moves from early conventional “eye, ear, nose and throat” drawings to his signature work: a joyful, life-affirming line that communicate volumes in a single stroke of his pen. The show celebrates an artist whose works of serious graphic composition, informed by a distinctly modern aesthetic, and leavened by wit have helped to define the way Main Street America looks at the movies. the exhibition will travel to Franfurt in September.

June 1 - June 29, 2003
At the Studio of Ben Solowey, Bedminster, PA

More than 100 times Al Hirschfeld’s and Ben Solowey’s work appeared side by side in the Sunday editions of The New York Times and Herald Tribune between 1929 – 1942. Side by side is also the way you will see works by both artists in this extraordinary exhibition to honor the Hirschfeld Centennial. Drawings of the same performers and productions; drawings that appeared on the same day. It is an unique opportunity to see pieces by the top court artists of the Broadway kingdom.

June 11 - June 28, 2003
At the Society of Illustrators, New York City

The legacy of line will be honored in a showing of hundreds of digital reproductions of Al Hirschfeld's theatrical caricatures created well into his 100th year. Documentary videos will present his story and his passion for pen and ink. A digital recreation of his studio will offer a sense of this remarkable artist's private world of vast creativity.

June 15 - August 17, 2003
At the Marion Koogler McNay Museum, San Antonio, Texas

Al Hirschfeld: Drawings from the Harvard Theatre Collection
A retrospective exhibition that celebrates the draftsman's extraordinary career. The exhibition comprises nearly fifty drawings and a selection of sketchbooks by Al Hirschfeld, ranging from 1927 to 2002. In addition to portraits of actors, playwrights, and directors, various depictions of theatrical scenes, designs for book illustrations, and a self-portrait are on view. From his 1927 drawing of Ethel Waters in Africana to a depiction of Anne Bancroft in the 2002 production of Occupant, the development of Hirschfeld's signature style—a combination of exuberant line and a quick, generous wit—is evident in a selection of works spanning more than seventy years. Images of political subjects, including The Nazi Party Manipulates World Leaders (1939) reveal the artist's sensitivity to the world beyond Broadway and his remarkable skill as a political cartoonist.

The exhibition was first presented at the Morgan Library in New York City. The works on exhibition are from the Melvin R. Seiden Collection at the Harvard Theater Collection, Houghton Library, and the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University.

June 21, 2003
At the Studio of Ben Solowey, Bedminster, PA


Celebrate Hirschfeld's 100th birthday with a special afternnon with one of the greatest couples of the American stage.

June 23, 2003
At the Martin Beck Theater, New York City

A special celebration to honor the renaming of the Martin Beck Theater as The Al Hirschfeld Theater.

July 29-December 19, 2003
San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum

Treasures from Hirschfeld's Personal Archive
An exhibiton that celebrates Hirschfeld's extraordinary work on the lively arts of theater, dance, and opera. This brand new exhibition is arranged by personality, rather than chronology, and gives the viewer a fresh viewpoint on The Hirschfeld Century. all works are from Hirschfeld's own collection.

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