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This summer we will mount a new installation of Solowey works in the Main Studio. As usual, it will be a diverse mix of pieces that showcase Ben’s easy versatility in a variety of media and genres. Included will be two works that have not been seen in over a half century. Recently we had conservation work performed by Andrew Bertolino on two remarkable Solowey canvases. The first is a self portrait dated 1925.

From the date and the bold strokes of colors, it easy to see the how Ben was synthesizing the influences from his European sojourn in 1924. The other work is a lovely portrait of Rae. Although undated, judging by Rae’s appearance and the style of painting, it dates from the early 1930s. From her dress and pose, in some ways, it is a casual counterpart to Ben’s celebrated 1935 portrait that has become such an identifiable part of the Michener Museum’s collection.

Come and see these works brought back to life for your enjoyment.

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