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Previous Issues of the Solowey Letter

Solowey Centennial Letter 2000

Celebrating the Solowey Centennial
This year marks the 100th anniversary of Ben's birth and we are celebrating! Find out what's happening this month.

When Ben Met Rae
Learn more about the night of April 5, 1930 and its effect on art history.

Solowey Theater Portraits: Ethel Barrymore
Ben's theater Portraits are known all over the world. Discover how his first portrait changed the face of the American Theater.

Solowey Kitchen Recipe: Lemon Cake
A delicious summer dessert with an artisitic lineage

Sui Generis Letter 2001

SUI GENERIS: The Frank and Shirley Hollin Collection
Find out what the Latin phrase means and why Rae Solowey used it describe the Hollins. she could also be describing their collection of Solowey art.

Frank Hollin
Find out what made Frank Hollin so special in the words of someone who knew him best.

Solowey At Work: Sketches by Ranulph Bye
Artist Ranulph Bye captured a unique moment in Ben's career in two watercolor sketches. Learn more about these works and about Bye, as much a part of Bucks County as the Delaware River.

The Solowey American Flag
At this time when American flags are everywhere, see what made the Solowey American flag different from others.

Solowey Theater Portraits: Walter Huston as Othello
Ben's theater Portraits are known all over the world. Discover this wonderful portrait of a great performer in a classic role.

Solowey Kitchen Recipe: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cake
For just deserts, we bring you a favorite of our openings. Perhaps the most requested recipe from our kitchen.

Side By Side Letter 2003

SIDE BY SIDE: Theater Drawings from the 1930s by Al Hirschfeld and Ben Solowey
More than 100 times Al Hirschfeld’s and Ben Solowey’s work appeared side by side in the Sunday editions of The New York Times and Herald Tribune between 1929 – 1942. Side by side is also the way you will see works by both artists in this extraordinary exhibition to honor the Hirschfeld Centennial. Drawings of the same performers and productions; drawings that appeared on the same day. It is an unique opportunity to see pieces by the top court artists of the Broadway kingdom.

Al Hirschfeld
Read a short biography of the artist who brought a new set of visual conventions to the task of performance portraiture when he made his debut in 1926.

The Hirschfeld Centennial
There are events and exhibitions being presented allover the world in honor the 100th anniversary of Hirschfeld's birth. Look to see how many you can attend.

Solowey Theater Portraits: 1929
We continue to digitize allof Ben's Theater Portraits. find out more about his first year, which perhaps have the greatest variety of portraits from his 13 year career.

Charles Ward Letter 2004

Who Is Charles Ward?
Charles Ward was a another member of the Solowey Circle. He was a friend and contemporary of Ben Solowey's. Find out about one of Bucks County's finest artists.

Ward Delivers First WPA Post Office Mural
Charles Ward was the first in a long line of artists to create murals for post offices around the country.

Ben Solowey's Show Business
Learn where Soloweys can be seen around the country in the summer of 2004.

Soloweys in the Studio
What Soloweys will you see at the Studio in the summer of 2004.

Black and White Letter 2005

Ben Solowey in Black and White
Learn more about this exciting new exhibtion that strips down Ben Solowey to the bare essentials

Inside the Artist's Studio
See first hand what went on in various Solowey studios over five decade

Solowey Theater Portraits: Frances Upton in "Hold Your Horses"
Learn how this actress provided crucial support to the Philadelphia Eagles

Rae Solowey Centennial Letter 2006

Woman Eternal: A Rae Solowey Centennial
Join us as we celebrate one of the best known women in Bucks County art

Rae Comes to New York
Read Rae's account of how she came to New York

Ben Solowey's Show Business Spring 2006
Learn how this actress provided crucial support to the Philadelphia Eagles

Irving Berlin
Find out the latest news about IRVING BERLIN'S SHOW BUSINESS

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